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DAC Serve Aces

4111 Dallas Athletic Club Drive Dallas TX 75228
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Phone: 972.279.1549
Director of Tennis: Pat Fitzgerald

Team Points Weeks
ATC Skirts 0 0/0
Brookhaven Fuzz Off 0 0/0
DAC Serve Aces 0 0/0
High Point Mid-Court Crisis 0 0/0
LBH/Seay Netsetters 0 0/0
Lakes Team Edge 0 0/0
Lakewood Serve It Chilled 0 0/0
Northwood Yellow Crush 0 0/0
Stonebridge Ranch Sassy Aces 0 0/0
Walnut Creek Rae's Babes 0 0/0

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Match ResultsAH

Ladies Teams: Flight 8B StatisticsPrint Statistics

ATC Skirts00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Brookhaven Fuzz Off00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
DAC Serve Aces00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
High Point Mid-Court Crisis00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
LBH/Seay Netsetters00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Lakes Team Edge00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Lakewood Serve It Chilled00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Northwood Yellow Crush00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Stonebridge Ranch Sassy Aces00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Walnut Creek Rae's Babes00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%

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DAC Serve Aces W L
Blair Wheeler (C) 00
Erin Kraus (CC) 00
Laura Adams 00
Kristin Berry 00
Lauren Grasso 00
Kelly Musgrave 00
Chari Oglesby 00
Juli Perez 00
Mandy Pruitt 00
Whitney Ragsdale 00
Kerrie Stephanian 00
Leslie Thomas 00

Flight Coordinator: Lisa Noble
Phone: 214/280-7494


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