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High Point Hootchie Mamas

421 West Spring Creek Parkway Plano TX 75023
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Phone: 972.941.7170
Director of Tennis: Ken Sumrow

Team Points Weeks
Bridlewood Golden Receivers 0 0/0
High Point Hootchie Mamas 0 0/0
Oak Creek Toney's Girls 0 0/0
Wagon Wheel NetWits 0 0/0
Wagon Wheel Not Dead Yet 0 0/0

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Match ResultsAH

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Bridlewood Golden Receivers00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
High Point Hootchie Mamas00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Oak Creek Toney's Girls00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Wagon Wheel NetWits00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Wagon Wheel Not Dead Yet00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%

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High Point Hootchie Mamas W L
Becky Griffith (C) 00
Charlotte Ereckson (CC) 00
Karen Adams 00
Carol Brady 00
JoAnn Burke 00
Betty Evans 00
Jane Jackson 00
Jannese Knaus 00
Di Pearlman 00
Rena Ramey 00
Lynn Rush 00
Mary Ann Walters 00

Flight Coordinator: Pat Dalri
Phone: 214/212-6814


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