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LSF/DCC Faultless Friends

Lacrosse and Sports Field at SMU, 5900 Bush Avenue Dallas TX 75205
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Phone: No phone on site
Notes: Garage parking. Mustang Parking Center(A)-Pass will be issued to Visiting Team.

Team Standings Points Weeks Played
Cooper Love CKS 0 0/0
DAC High Strung 0 0/0
Gleneagles Racquettes 0 0/0
LSF/DCC Faultless Friends 0 0/0
McKinney T-n-T 0 0/0
Northwood CervAces 0 0/0
Springpark 4 T Love 0 0/0
Stonebriar Ace Kickers 0 0/0
Stonebriar Serves Ya' Right 0 0/0
Stonebridge Ranch Make Mine a Double 0 0/0

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Ladies Teams: Flight 14A StatisticsPrint Statistics

Cooper Love CKS00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
DAC High Strung00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Gleneagles Racquettes00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
LSF/DCC Faultless Friends00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
McKinney T-n-T00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Northwood CervAces00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Springpark 4 T Love00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Stonebriar Ace Kickers00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Stonebriar Serves Ya' Right00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%
Stonebridge Ranch Make Mine a Double00000.0%00000.0%000.0%000.0%

Roster Print Roster Roster Results

LSF/DCC Faultless Friends W L
Kathy Kelley (C) 00
Kathy Yeaman (CC) 00
Christy Barnes 00
Amy Burgher 00
Barb Durham 00
Rainey Fogiel 00
Suzanne Humann 00
Jahn Lafitte 00
Carolyn Maxey 00
Carol McEvoy 00
Blair McWay 00
Luellen Smith 00
Carrie Williams 00
Loyd Zisk 00
Flight Coordinator: Sharon Sullivan
  • Email:
  • Phone: 972/824-8350

Flight Coordinator: Sharon Sullivan
Phone: 972/824-8350

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