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Flight Open A - Mary Joe

Flight Coordinator: Linda Hodge
Phone: 214/552-9353

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Team Points Weeks
Brookhaven Go Getters 0 0/9
DCC Ace Bandages 0 0/9
Gleneagles Nifty Fifties 0 0/9
High Point Let's Play 0 0/9
High Point Set To Win 0 0/9
High Point Simply Smashing 0 0/9
McKinney Hot Flash Hoes 0 0/9
T-Bar-M Tennis Bags 0 0/9
Wagon Wheel Point Taken 0 0/9
Wagon Wheel Servivors 0 0/9

Love-50 Teams: Flight Open A - Mary Joe

BCCBrookhaven Go Getters
DCCDCC Ace Bandages
GCCGleneagles Nifty Fifties
HPTCHigh Point Let's Play
HPTC2High Point Set To Win
HPTC3High Point Simply Smashing
MTCMcKinney Hot Flash Hoes
TBMT-Bar-M Tennis Bags
WWWagon Wheel Point Taken
WW2Wagon Wheel Servivors
Rain dates are shown in red

Flight Coordinator:

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