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Team Captains and Players~

    Your patience and persistence in getting your make up matches played is to be admired and applauded, and please believe me, your Love 50 Flight Coordinators and I do so in spades!yes 

     We have arrived at our final week of the season, meaning that all make up matches MUST be played this week, Nov. 12-16.  Many of you have scheduled matches for tomorrow, Monday the 12th.  The forecast is calling for rain and light snow.  Most/Many of you will probably need to re-schedule any lines you scheduled to play on this day.  IF SO, please remember that new Match Reschedule Reports must be filed immediately--definitely before the date of your newly rescheduled match(es)--and no later than Thursday midnight, Nov. 15 if and only if you reschedule tomorrow's match for Friday the 16th.

     Please utilize all mornings, afternoons, evenings AND indoors if at all possible for your make up matches.  I know make up situations may not be optimum for your team, but it is important NOT to default a full match!  

     I say this time and again, but it nevertheless holds true:  We are here to HELP YOU!  Please do not hesitate to call upon us for anything you need to complete your season.  We will continue to send out reminder emails to captains about submitting Match Reschedule Reports (if needed) and also about posting your match scores on the day you complete the match.  Please continue to monitor your emails closely.  

     Only 5 days left---we are almost at the end of this extraordinary season!   Let's dig deep and finish it strong.  WE CAN DO IT!


Fair Oaks Tennis Facility Closed (Jinky Hicks   Sep 25)

The Fair Oaks Tennis Facility is closed to match play for an extended amount of time.  All teams who are affected by this situation should be in contact with the appropriate facility manager for assistance with securing other courts for your scheduled matches there until the courts at Fair Oaks become playable again.  Please remember that if you need to book an alternate facility for your Fair Oaks home matches that you contact both your visiting captains and your Flight Coordinator so that the change can be made to your schedules on the website.

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, LOVE-50! (Jinky Hicks   Sep 15)

This season marks the 10th Anniversary the Love-50 League became a part of TCD.  THANK YOU to the ladies who found, developed and built this League for the tennis enjoyment of our members who are 50+ years young!


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Join us for the End of Season event on Thursday, Nov. 15, 11am, NorthPark!

We look forward to recognizing our Sportsmanship and Founders Award recipients as we celebrate off the court with TCD friends at this fun, relaxing event!

Click Here to register. View event details here.
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Love-50/60 Director
Jinky Hicks
TCD Presiding Director
Anne Gannon

Team Points Weeks
High Point Let's Play 42 9/9
McKinney Hot Flash Hoes 40 9/9
T-Bar-M Tennis Bags 36 9/9
High Point Simply Smashing 35 9/9
Brookhaven Go Getters 32 9/9
Wagon Wheel Servivors 30 9/9
High Point Set To Win 27 9/9
Gleneagles Nifty Fifties 26 9/9
DCC Ace Bandages 21 9/9
High Point Girls Gone 50 17 9/9
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Week 9
Oct 31 - Nov 6, 2018
  Brookhaven Go Getters
High Point Simply

  High Point Let's Play
Gleneagles Nifty

  DCC Ace Bandages
McKinney Hot Flash

  High Point Set To Win
T-Bar-M Tennis Bags

  Wagon Wheel Servivors
High Point Girls Gone...50

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