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SURVEY REMINDER-Weigh in on important questions affecting away matches and third set play! (Jane Schrick   Oct 4)

If you have not received or responded to the email invitation to take a brief, but important survey, we invite you to do so now.
The TCD Board has two topics about which we need to survey our Ladies League players:
  • Should we use ability or location to group our league's divisions within a flight?
  • How should third sets be played?
The survey explains the concept of placing teams within our league flights based on geographic areas, followed by four brief questions and an option to provide comments.
Please encourage your teammates and players in our league to take this important survey.
The survey will close on Friday, October 12, 2018. All responses are confidential and only the final outcome will be shared.
If you have any questions about this survey do not hesitate to contact one of us. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback!
Leslie Henkel, TCD Placement Director
Jane Schrick, TCD Communications Director



The Fair Oaks Tennis Facility is closed to match play for an extended period of time.  All teams who are affected by this closing should be in contact with the appropriate facility manager for assistance with securing other courts for your scheduled matches there until the courts at Fair Oaks become playable again.  Please remember that if you need to book an alternate facility for your Fair Oaks home matches that you contact both your visiting captains and your Flight Coordinator so that the change can be made to your schedules on the website.



Construction/transportation/parking challenges. (Judy Steglich   Aug 27)

Captains and Co-Captains -

Just a reminder that it is critical that home team captains share construction/transportation/parking challenges with visiting teams.  Often teams are coming from great distances and it can be difficult just to get to the match under normal circumstances.  If there are even more obstacles than distance and traffic, communication will provide visiting teams a better opportunity to make adjustments to their departure times and will eliminate surprises such as not having a place to park or having to go miles out of their way because of construction.  Let’s make each match day a great day from start to finish.



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Don't miss the opportunity to nominate captains and players TODAY!

Where would our organization be today with out the dedication, leadership, and incredible work of our team captains? Review the description of the TCD Founders Award and email our presiding director with detailed information about the nominated captain, along with your name, league, and current team.

Based on nominations by fellow players, the TCD Sportsman of the Year is awarded at the end of each calendar year to a player who demonstrates exceptional sportsmanship. For details on this award and a link to submit a nomination, CLICK HERE.

The winners of both of these prestigious awards will be announced at the End of Season event on Thursday, November 15, 2018.
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Ladies Doubles Director
Judy Steglich
TCD Presiding Director
Anne Gannon

Team Points Weeks
DCC Pro-Deucers 48 7/9
Brookhaven Bombers 45 7/9
T-Bar-M Terminators 43 7/9
JPIIHS Spinoffs 32 7/9
L.B. Houston Smashers 31 7/9
Royal Oaks Renegades 30 7/9
Seay United 30 7/9
High Point Mixed Nuts 29 7/9
SMU Smart-Aces 16 7/9
DFW Hilton Supreme Court 10 7/9
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Week 7
Oct 18 - Oct 24, 2018
  L.B. Houston Smashers
Brookhaven Bombers

  T-Bar-M Terminators
SMU Smart-Aces

  DCC Pro-Deucers
High Point Mixed Nuts

  JPIIHS Spinoffs
Seay United

  DFW Hilton Supreme Co...rt
Royal Oaks Renegades

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